Image from "Should a Library Have a Dress Code?" (Anderson, 1992).

“You don’t look like the librarians I remember,” he told her.

“We’ve changed. There was a whole press release issued about it, but we didn’t get much media coverage.”
Almost Summer by Susan Mallery

I really think it is fun to play with the whole librarian stereotype at times. Basically because, of all the librarians I know, very few actually conform to it. I can’t say I know any Irma Pince. I know more librarians who are like Batgirl, or like the punker in the illustration below.

Image from "Should a Library Have a Dress Code?" (Anderson, 1992).
Image from “Should a Library Have a Dress Code?” (Anderson, 1992).

My boss did tell me, at one point, that when I’m doing presentations to the public, to either go for the bun, the glasses, the tea or the cardigan – not all four of them. I shouldn’t live up to the stereotype.

But I like tea, damn it.

Also, the power a “shush” has is kind of cool.


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