Review: Nasjonal klassereise : Mette-Marit og politikkens abdikasjon

Nasjonal klassereise : Mette-Marit og politikkens abdikasjon by Hedvig Skonhoft Johannesen

The book, or leaflet (considering the amount of pages, was written for the centenary of the Norwegian female vote. It’s part of a series of 12 publications from various women on what happens in Norway today.

This particular one covers the Norwegian Crown Princess, and how she is portrayed in the media, how she has “travelled through the classes” and why the Norwegian media aren’t asking more critical questions of the royal house when they have the chance to do interviews.

The latter was very clear both last year, with the interview that sparked the whole dress-discussion, but also with the 10 year anniversary documentaries that were made a couple of years ago.

We’re shown a glossy image of the royal family, as much as possible.

It’s a good and valid debate to ponder about – I do question why it is just Mette-Marit who is coming up for the debate here, and why she hasn’t included Queen Sonja in the discussion. The two of them combined have done a much greater journey through the class-system of Norway than just Mette-Marit alone.

If it hadn’t been for Sonja coming first, I’m not sure Mette-Marit, or someone similar to her, could have come along as “easily.” The Norwegian monarchy would have looked vastly different in 2000/2001 if it hadn’t been for the Queen paving the road first.

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