Electronic voting

It’s an election year in Norway. September 9 is the big day. It’s a parliamentary election.

This year, as they did with the county and municipal elections two years ago, my municipality is one of the twelve which have electronic voting.

Essentially this means that I voted yesterday, in my bedroom on my iPad.

I will also attempt to help my grandmother vote from the nursing home on the self-same iPad tomorrow. (I will log her on, and then turn away as she is deciding and voting.)

I am amongst those who would have voted regardless of whether or not I had to go to my local school to do it, so in that way, I don’t think they’re gaining any votes from my part on this.

However, I realize that there are others who don’t necessarily do that, in other parts of the country, and being a part of a trial e-vote municipality means that the results we provide means that they might have the option next time. Maybe.

Anyway, the most irritating part of this process was that I’d forgot the password I use to log on to these government-run sites, and had to make a new one. The whole process took less than 10 minutes, and definitely much less time than voting at my local school.

By Anne

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