Interview with Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine

After returning from their honeymoon, Chris O’Neill and Princess Madeleine gave an interview to Svenska Dagbladet.

Google Translated version.

Can I just say how nice I found it that they didn’t go with some of the self-declared Swedish royal expert journalists for this, and a paper that appears to be not as “sensationalistic” as some of the more tabloid newspapers.

Did it feel a bit like the question about Madeleine’s previous engagement was approved with the couple, just so she could say that she’s ever so happy with her new husband?

A couple of points translated here by me that I found interesting to comment on.

  • The idea that Princess Madeleine should do what Princess Märtha Louise did in Norway and renounce the HRH was up for discussion, but the family and Madeleine thought the way they ended up doing it was the best way for them as she still wants to represent Sweden home and abroad.

And it is more effective when she joins the Swedish trade council and Childhood for events with the HRH in the US, I would think. As long as she or Chris aren’t seen as  receiving money personally off the HRH title – the issue that Märtha Louise faced in Norway with wanting to make a career off it, is not the same issue.

  • Chris hasn’t received any royal training – it is learning by doing – and watching what Madeleine and the King does. “And then we can blame daddy if something goes wrong,” Madeleine joked.

It should really be the other way around, in my opinion. His letter to the Swedish press during the engagement period seemed much more mature and clearheaded than the usual PR strategy of the Swedish court. Though the King and Madeleine might be versed in royal etiquette, both of them could do with a bit more effective PR strategy.

  • At some point in the future they imagine moving back to Sweden or someplace else in Europe. Currently their base in Sweden will be Madeleine’s apartment, where Chris has a drawer. Europe, and London, has always been “home” to Chris.

If it was not for the pesky claim that their children (which they both envision coming along after a while) will have to be raised in Sweden to be in line to the throne, does anyone really think they would move back to Stockholm or Sweden in favour of London?

  •  The King pulled out all the old toys from his children so Estelle would have something to play with.

These are the type of stories the King needs to get back to his family man image and away from the night club rumours and scandal books. Possibly with pictures of him and his grandchild having fun together with Victoria, Carl-Philip and Madeleine’s old toys.

  • Chris is taking Swedish lessons in NYC as well as a CD course at home, though they speak English together – or German when they don’t want people to understand them in NYC.

Well, we heard with Crown Princess Mary’s slowly developing Danish how it can be when you speak English to your spouse as they’re learning the language – but good on Chris for taking the step.


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