Lemon drizzle cake

When life gives you lemons, you go hunting for a tasty lemon cake recipe. Sometimes it works for you, sometimes it may work for someone else – which is why I’m sharing.

This cake is one of the more highly rated recipes over at BBC GoodFood. I have had it bookmarked for ages as something to try when I have lemons and leftover energy.

It’s a fairly easy and quick cake to make. I served with creme fraîche, because I had some in the refrigerator.


I followed the recipe exactly, and I can’t put my fingers on why I didn’t like it when so many others did.

The cake itself – there is no fault with it. It rose beautifully, smelled like lemons and looks very good. After the lemon drizzle went on, and I had my first taste, it also tasted intensely of lemons. The texture of it and the extreme taste of lemons was not what I wanted at that moment, and though I ate it, I did not go back for seconds. (Which is probably for the best, at any rate.)

Maybe if I’d done a cream cheese frosting…

I guess it was just not meant to be.


By Anne

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