Books I read in January 2013

So, my illness in January also had the un-intended side effect of making me read more than usual… In addition to making it through 11 seasons of Frasier. I discovered one of those neverending Harlequin series, that, just when I thought it was over, they moved geographic location slightly, and the stories could start all over again without the slightest thought to the continuity from the past 24 books, or so…

Blake, Maya – The price of success
Cleary, Anna – The night that started it all
Daniels, Rebecca – Way of the wolf
Darcy, Emma – The incorrigible playboy
Davidson, Carolyn – The gamble
Duarte, Judy – Big sky baby
Grady, Robin – The wedding must go on
Green, Crystal – Her Montana millionaire
Greene, Jennifer – You belong to me
Hamilton, Celeste – Man with a past
Jackson, Lisa – Lone stallion’s lady
James, Julia – Painted the other woman
Jordan, Penny – The six-month marriage
Jordan, Penny – Injured innocent
Jordan, Penny – Loving
Kaye, Robin – Back to you
Kaye, Robin – Hometown girl
Laurens, Stephanie – Devil’s bride
Laurens, Stephanie – A Rake’s vow
Laurens, Stephanie – A Rogue’s proposal
Laurens, Stephanie – A secret love
Laurens, Stephanie – All about love
Laurens, Stephanie – All about passion
Laurens, Stephanie – The promise in a kiss
Laurens, Stephanie – On a wild night
Laurens, Stephanie – On a wicked dawn
Laurens, Stephanie – The prefect lover
Laurens, Stephanie – The ideal bride
Lee, Rachel – Cowboy cop
Leigh, Allison – Montana lawman
Linz, Cathie – Baby wanted
Mackenzie, Myrna – Just pretending
Mallery, Susan – Spirit of the wolf
Mallery, Susan – Cowgirl bride
Mallery, Susan – Married in Whitehorn
Mallery, Susan – Christmas in Whitehorn
Merritt, Jackie – Rancher takes a wife
Merritt, Jackie – Letter to a lonesome cowboy
Merritt, Jackie – The widow and the rodeo man
Merritt, Jackie – The Kincaid bride
Merritt, Jackie – Marked for marriage
Merritt, Jackie – Moon over Montana
Mikels, Jennifer – Rich, rugged… ruthless
Mikels, Jennifer – Big sky cowboy
Morgan, Sarah – Summer kisses
Morgan, Sarah – Summer fling
Myers, Helen R. – The law is no lady
O’Donnell, Jody – The rancher’s daughter
Pade, Victoria – The marriage bargain
Paige, Laurie – Her Montana man
Paige, Laurie – Cheyenne bride
Paige, Laurie – Outlaw marriage
Paige, Laurie – Father found
Paige, Laurie – A hero’s homecoming
Paige, Laurie – Once and future wife
Paige, Laurie – A family homecoming
Palmer, Diana – The bride who was stolen in the night
Palmer, Diana – Rogue stallion
Pappano, Marilyn – Big sky lawman
Paris, Barry – Audrey Hepburn
Pickart, Joan Elliott – Wife most wanted
Radley, Tessa – Mistaken mistress
Radley, Tessa – Spaniard’s seduction
Radley, Tessa – Pregnancy proposal
Ridgway, Christie – In love with her boss
Ridgway, Christie – The marriage maker
Rimmer, Christine – Cinderella’s big sky groom
Scott, Christine – Storming Whitehorn
Smith, Karen Rose – It happened one wedding night
Smith, Karen Rose – Born in Whitehorn
St. John, Cheryl – The Magnificent seven
St. John, Cheryl – Marry me, again.
Temte, Myrna – A father’s vow
Temte, Myrna – Sleeping with the enemy
Thomas, Sherry – The bride of Larkspear
Toth, Pamela – The birth mother
Turner, Linda – Nighthawk’s child
Warren, Pat – The baby quest
Warren, Pat – Outlaw lovers
Wells, Robin – And the winner — weds!
Williams, Bronwyn – As good as gold
Yates, Maisy – A game of vows

Books read January: 82

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