Things to see: Chocolate museum

In my series of things to see in Brussels (although, honestly, waffles and fries will get you very far), the chocolate museum makes its way, dubiously, onto the list.

A chocolate museum should, in theory, be a fantastic thing. This museum, however, is more worth the visit because of the building it is in, rather than the chocolate museum aspect.

The building is old and rickety and seems quite like the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. And I love the creaky stairs.

The museum bits, well, you can tell that is a private collection that fairly recently was made into a museum. It’s an okay collection, with some neat spread of different chocolate beans on display, and some interesting chocolate sculptures, but if you have any knowledge on how chocolate is made, it is probably better to go straight to a chocolatier and eat the chocolate instead.

I think part of our frustration with the museum part here is that it looks like they’ve decided to put everything on display, when they should have been more diligent, in my opinion, and weeded some things out.

The bonus is that it is just off the corner of the big square, so it is not out of the way for anything in Brussels.

By Anne

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