I’ve been superbusy at work, and in my spare time, since coming home from Paris two weeks ago (really, two weeks ago already?). The puzzling thing at this point is that last week I was sort of complaining about having too much planned – and how my free Saturday was heaven… because the subsequent week would be totally filled as the current one had been, and summing it up today… my free Saturday ended up being filled, but I didn’t go to my “maybe” activity on Monday because of it. *

And then:
The quiz I was supposed to go to yesterday with some friends – our attendance got cancelled due to the friends being busy at work.*
The quiz I was supposed to attend today, I’m not going because I went by plane to Bergen today for work, and when I returned, I did not have the energy beyond driving home and going to bed. It’s 7PM, and I am seriously considering just going to sleep.

My saving grace from feeling very anti-social at this point is that I have my activities tomorrow and Friday all lined up, still.

And next week looks to be crowded with work activities, even after work. Including another trip to Bergen.

How you’ve been?
*) Though, I did go to the gym instead on both these days, so it’s not like I sat at home on my couch.

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