Carrot and cheddar soup

When I realized that the Olympics were coming, and I had freezer space, I decided to make some meals ahead of time. One of my favorites both to make and eat is this soup from BBCGoodFood.  Carrot and cheddar sounds like an odd combination, but it works perfectly.

I made it exactly according to the recipe, however, I also added a small pinch of cayenne pepper. This gave it a zing that will make it a perfect option for autumn – or generally the crappy summer weather we’ve been having this summer.

It’s probably the easiest soup ever, and thaws/reheats beautifully.

As I get home from the gym, after work, I pull out a bag of soup, let it thaw slightly in the freezer bag on the kitchen counter as I shower. Then I put the still slightly frozen soup into a microwave safe bowl, before I nuke it in the microwave.

I’ve been freezing it single servings in freezer bags from IKEA, and being careful to mark them with the date I made the soup, what it is – and how much it contains. 

As I was initially contemplating this, I remembered posts I’d read on other blogs, such as Corporette, that were really helpful, in how to freeze, how to fill the bags without spilling overly much, and general organization. 


By Anne

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