Book review: Wishful drinking

When it comes to Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking, I think how you approach the book matters. It’s sort-of a biography, sort-of comedy, sort-of… well, who knows, and it is the written version of one of her stand-up shows.

The latter explains why it jumps around a lot, which makes it kind of hard to keep track off things.

At the same time, I think it is also the strong point of the book (contradicting myself here…) because the voice of the person telling the story comes through so strongly.

Fisher tells the story of growing up in Hollywood, her problems with alcohol and other substances, and her life. (The follow-up Shockoholic is not nearly as good as this one, but it does tie up some loose ends, as well as her experiences with electroshock therapy.) It’s not a deep, long, heavy biography (it’s a mere 176 pages), but more snapshots from incidents. (And yes, Star Wars and her experiences there are mentioned.)

Wishful Drinking doesn’t provide any major new revelations, but has several punchy one-liners and inspirational comments, that to me made it worth the read.

Essentially, it’s a nice little read, that’ll probably have you chuckle a bit here and there.

By Anne

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