Rewatching: How I met your mother season 1

After Bones – which, while being captivating television, tends to bring me into thoughts of mortality and death and gore and all those fun things – I wanted to watch some of the lighter things in my collection. Ahoy with the How I Met Your Mother DVDs

If you haven’t heard of the show – it is the story of Ted and his friends who hang in a bar called McLaren’s in New York City. Future Ted is telling his children how he met their mother. And, since his own parents have a really lousy story of how they met – he is really taking plenty of time when telling the story to his children.

His friends 

His room-mate: Marshall Eriksen – law student, with a desire to save the planet.

Marshall’s girlfriend/fiancé: Lily Aldrin, a kindergarten teacher who would like to be a famous artist.

Some random guy he met in the men’s bathroom at the bar: Barney Stinson. Corporate  suit-wearing, office-something, which has never quite properly been explained – other than his company works on the shady side of legal, and he is kind of a big-wig there. Barney has a lot of catch-phrases, some which work, some that don’t.

 First season

Well, the first season of shows is essentially about setting up the premise for the following seasons, isn’t it? Unless the show crashes and burns after a couple of episodes.

In the first season, it is Marshall and Lily’s engagement which propels Ted into making a life-change. Instead of looking for random girls at bars… he’s now starting to look for “The One”.

Enter: Robin Scherbatsky. A local news reporter that Ted picks up at McLaren’s and thinks might be the one. Unfortunately for Ted… Robin is a commitment-phobe, he prematurely declares his love for her… which leads to an epic crash and burn.

But while Robin and Ted doesn’t quite work out (and the remainder of the season is full of Ted trying to find another girlfriend), she does become part of the gang very quickly.

Favourite episode

The Pineapple Incident. Essentially, his friends think Ted over think things too much, so they decide to lower his inhibitions by getting him drunk. It results in a lot of crazy antics, and a pineapple by his bed that have yet to be explained.


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