Rewatching: Bones season 6

The Season 6 of Bones begins where the last season ended – with the team split up all and all over the world. A case brings them together and back to the Jeffersonian. Brennan and Booth meet by the reflecting pool, where they agreed they would meet upon their return. However, things aren’t the same as when they left. Booth picked up a new girlfriend, Hannah, overseas.

Favorite quote
[to Brennan] You are the only person in the office allowed to be raggedly honest, because I know I can’t stop you. Camille Saroyan

Can I just say how much a rewatch can change things? When I first watched this, I really disliked Hannah. It felt like she was being introduced merely for the sake of creating conflict into the relationship between the fans and the characters – and she felt a little like a Mary Sue (too perfect for words). But on the second watching, I really appreciated that she made an effort to fit in. She tried making friends with Temperance, and Brennan tries to make friends in return. I appreciate that we get to see Brennan approaching the non-scientific community to make friends as well. The Temperance we see now is vastly different from the Temperance we first encountered in season 1, but with enough of the traits to still be interesting. (I think.)

However, as much as Booth wanted someone apart from Brennan in terms of seeing a future together and a family – it turned out that Hannah is also really focused on her own career and doesn’t see herself in that kind of permanent relationship.

I think I’ve said this in the past as well, but with the episode “The Bullet in the brain” the Grave digger storyline that has gone over the past seasons ought to really be closed. However, she’s replaced with a new baddie, who keeps popping up for the rest of the season.

Other interesting stories include the slave ship episode and Brennan overly identifying with a dead surgeon.

In the end of the season, they seem to want to go out with a bang. One of the interns end up being shot by the same sniper who got the Grave Digger.

Furthering completion of a story arc from the season, Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins is born.

And as for not letting the suspense stop there, Brennan and Booth apparently end up spending the night together, resulting in Brennan revealing that she is pregnant at the very end of the season – conveniently tied in to Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy.

This furthers the change from Brennan as we originally saw her in the beginning of the series. That Brennan would not have contemplated having children at all. On one level, it makes me wonder how the writers have abandoned ship (it should be okay to have a character on television who is not all about the babies) on the other hand, I like that they’re making her grow and change and adapt to other situations that what she is determined. Situations change

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