Rewatching Bones season five

Bones – Season 5  starts with Brennan returning from Guatemala and Booth returning, slowly, to duty after his brain surgery in the end of season 4.

A recurring theme in the first episodes is his recuperation, and the fact that he has to relearn things that he  previously excelled at, such as sharp-shooting, and plumbing.

Brennan has not chosen one lab assistant from her batch of potentials, so the episodes are still operating with different assistants.

Dr. Sweets is dating one of them, Daisy Wicks, and Angela Montenegro has taken up with another, Wendell Bray, so the Jeffersonian is apparently quite the romantic place… for meeting that special someone, or dead bodies.

Touching moment

The episode The plain in the prodigy features an Amish youth on rumspringa who ends up dead. He is a promising pianist, and has been video-taped in connection with his audition to a programme. Brennan brings along these video-files to show to his parents, who don’t have any photographs of their son, nor had they heard him play.

Brennan’s development continues. She is learning how to interact and question suspects, although not always successfully. She is also becoming better at interacting with people in a social setting. Though, she still rather lives in her own little world from time to time and the things that come out of her mouth aren’t always appropriate. I rather like that about her.

Excellent moment

Brennan and the intern Daisy squealing girlishly together on the thought of having their pictures in front of an anthropology magazine in the episode where they find a mummy.

This is also the season where Angela and Hodgins reconciles – they were going to be married back in season 2 (was it?), but Angela’s already existing husband and life intervened. In this season they finally get married, in a small-town prison.

Brennan and Booth are acknowledging that there is an attraction between them, but they also realize that though they work well together, they’re not at the same stage in their lives and wouldn’t be good at that point.

Favourite episode

The Death of the Queen Bee sends Booth and Brennan back to Brennan’s old high school, and her high school reunion. I found it fascinating to get a look back at how things had been then – and Brennan’s friendship with the custodian. Brennan’s mis-reading of Booth’s instruction that she talk about her success made me giggle – hasn’t he learned that he has to be very literal in what he suggests to her?

But the season also features the trial of the Gravedigger, which is a difficult episode and rips up traumatic memories for all involved. Though there is a conviction, and prison time, there is still a possibility for the return. After the case, in the final episode, all of the involved, save Camille Saroyan and Dr. Sweets, take a year off. Brennan and Daisy go to Indonesia to dig and research, Booth to Afghanistan to train soldiers, and Hodgins and Angela to Paris.

Favourite quote

The term garbage is relative. The only intrinsic value things have is what we give them. It seems odd now, but… in Holland tulip bulbs were once as valuable as houses. Maybe we all overvalue things that are… essentially worthless.  – Brennan

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