Märtha Louise and history

Look, I’m fine with Princess Märtha Louise doing her own little thing. Talking to angels, horses or audiences that pay her to perform. She’s no longer receiving money from the state for being a royal, so she is earning her own way. However strange others may find it.

Most recently in Denmark, where she allegedly told DR’s Aftenshowet about the reception in Norway for her announcement that she talks to angels: “I’m happy that I didn’t live 100 years ago – I would have been burnt.”

While Norway in 1911 was not the bastion of prosperity that it is today (Norway is the best place in the world to be a mother, according to a ranking) the last known burning of a witch in Norway happened in 1695.

In 1911, she would probably have been considered either a) devoutly religious for talking to angels, or b) crazy and sent to the asylum.

By Anne

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