Rewatching Bones Season 3

Season 3 of Bones was cut a bit short due to the Writers’ strike. An additional episode from season 2 was included in the season.

Best moment

In the Christmas episode, Brennan and Booth apprehend the bad guy in a Santa temp agency. The surrounding Santas start singing: “You’d better watch out. You’d better not cry…” from Santa Claus is coming to town.

In addition to the resolution from the last season, with Brennan’s father going on trial. The overall story arc of the season, however, is a cannibalistic serial killers – master and apprentice. The Gormogon story is intriguing, however, it is a shame that it was cut short due to the strike – and led to the exit of Zack Addy from the show  (as a regular), as he was the last apprentice of  the Master.

Favourite quote

“Wait a minute. Bones breaks into my bathroom and I’m weird for being naked?”

Seely Booth after Temperance Brennan enters his bathroom, where he is taking a bath, reading a graphic novel and enjoying his beer and a cigar.

But Zack’s portrayal during the previous season, where he moves from the awkward assistant in the first season into a more cynic and “superior” probably made this the easiest resolution to the story arc of the season, and a way to close the season after the strike.

There are a lot of interesting episodes in the season, though. The episode with the pony play stable results in some amusing situations. The boy in the time capsule gives time for some poignancy back to my own school years. The Mummy in the maze is one interesting Halloween episode, and Brennan as Wonder woman is spectacular.

Another nice moment is when Zack describes to Hodgins that his parents had him take singing lessons as a child to fit in, and sings Love is a many-splendored thing.

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