Rewatching Bones Season 2

Bones season 2 is partially about Brennan’s relationship with her recently discovered father, and Brennan and Booth’s relationship.

Unlike most of the other seasons, this only has 21 episodes. One was meant to air, but was held back due to the Virginia Tech shootings, as the episode dealt with finding human remains on the college campus. I recall that when the DVD came out, there was outrage online for the lack of the episode in the box set. The episode was later included in the following season.

As one major shift from season 1, Goodman, who used to be the manager in charge of the lab-people, has disappeared and Cam has come in his place. I honestly didn’t care for her in the beginning, but as time went on (ie. to the end of the season), she became more likable.

There are a lot of great episodes in this season, and the story lines that go through it. The season ties up the story of Howard Epps, the serial killer from season 1. (With an utterly gruesome episode where the head of his ex-wife is found in a refrigerator.) It is also the season where Angela and Hodgins get together, through a lot of  will they-won’t they.

The individual relationships through the season changes back and forth. I rather liked Sully – Brennan’s boyfriend for a couple of episodes, though I can see why they didn’t work. (Few of Brennan’s relationships seem to do, as Booth helpfully points out)

Favourite episode

Aliens in a Spaceship brings a new serial killer into the Bones mythology. The Gravedigger buries victims alive, and ask for ransom to let them out. Brennan and Hodgins end up trapped together in a car. The moments in this episode where they work together from the car to get out, and the people in the lab work together to get them out, are incredibly strong.

Other episodes are funnier, or actually have a resolution where the bad guy gets caught in the end. But the moments when Booth draws Brennan and Hodgins out of the sandpit they’re buried in… fantastic.

One episode that stood out as well was the copycat episode, where the killers use Brennan’s latest novel for inspiration on how to get rid of their unwanted spouse/in-law/boss. It was quite good in execution.

I noticed that I like Zack less now than I did the first time I watched the series. Back then he was one of my favorite characters – so innocent, nerdy and goofy. Now, he seems rather cold-blooded at times, and I suspect that I won’t have as much difficulty believing what the writers later set up as the first time I watched it. Anyone else noticing this?

Favourite character

The psychiatrist that is brought in by the FBI to evaluate Booth after he shoots the clown head off an ice cream truck. Gordon Wyatt is played by Stephen Fry, and is just fantastic in his portrayal as he is trying to get Booth to recognize certain aspects of his life.

Who is your favorite Bones character?

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