Have you seen…

King Haakon VII’s ski jacket? It has been stolen from the ski museum in Oslo, straight in open daylight. It also turns out that the security cameras were switched off, both in the museum and outside in Holmenkollen ski arena. The ski jacket was picked out of the glass box, and off the model, without anyone noticing.

The jacket had an emblem embroidered on the inside, with the king’s initials. This emblem was made in 1942 by a female prisoner in the German work camp of Grini, and was smuggled out from there. It was later fastened inside the jacket.

I realize that the weather in Oslo has been cold this winter, but you would think someone might notice a guest at the museum not wearing a jacket in to the museum and wearing a fur coat on the way out? (Assuming that is the way it was done. A fur coat is fairly big to put in a plastic bag and hide away.)

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