Prince Henrik’s visit to the hospital

When the twins were born on January 8, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were two of the people who didn’t visit them in the hospital. The court said that they were on a private holiday that had been planned well in advance, and Prince Joachim confirmed this. Billedbladet first stated that this holiday was in Spain, but it was later revealed that they went to Miami.

Now, Se & Hør have also revealed that while they were in Miami, young Prince Henrik was admitted to the Baptist Children Hospital with breathing problems. The court confirms to Se & Hør that he was treated for bronchitis and dehydration.

This leads BT to ponder if being around second-hand smoke could have provoked this reaction, (and have a television doctor state that children who are around second-hand smoke are more prone to illnesses such as pneumonia and asthma) and poll their readers if they think Prince Joachim should use this time to quit smoking.

There will also be a poll on this site, but feel free to chime in with your opinions in the comments.

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