Christian and Isabella’s daycare

After the family’s recent move to Frederik VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg, Billedbladet revealed in this week’s number (2/2011) that Christian and Isabella have switched daycares. They were previously attending Dronning Louises børnehus (Queen Louise’s Children’s House) in Fredensborg.

It seems that a decision was made that their transport to and from Fredensborg daily would be too much in the winter semester, and so they started at Garnison Sogns Menigheds Børnehave on January 4th. In the letter detailing the new children in the daycare, Christian and Isabella are referred to simply by their first names, without Prince or Princess in front.

Their new daycare is located a 3-5 minute walk from Amalienborg palace.

Note: I have used the word daycare in the English, as I find that Kindergarten can be rather loaded word when it comes to English speakers, as this institution in Denmark is not a part of the general school system, as it may be other places.

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