Advent calendar, day 4

The Police Academy films have been rerunning on Norwegian television… probably for decades now. For some reason, with Leslie Nielsen’s passing, I was reminded of them again. I know he wasn’t in them, but he could have been.

This quote isn’t so much inspirational as… well, sometimes you want to slap people who sing annoying songs, over and over… and it sort of fits with the general over-indulgence in Christmas season that stores like to play into, long before Christmas is actually here.

“Proctor! You have been singing Christmas songs for the entire five hours of this stakeout. And Christmas is a good four months away. If you sing so much as one more note… I will shoot you.”

Said by Captain Harris to Proctor (who is one of my favourite characters in the series just for the sheer cluelessness) in Police Academy 1-7 – The Complete Collection [DVD] [1984]

By Anne

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