Ingrid Alexandra’s first day of school

Ingrid Alexandra had her first day of school today. Like with big brother Marius’ first day seven years ago, the grandparents were included. Grandmother Marit Tjessem and King Harald accompanied the first grader and her parents on the big day.

King Harald said: “I think it is good that Ingrid Alexandra will be attending the local school. Then she can walk to the school like the other children.” As a boy, Harald attended Smestad school in Oslo city, and was driven to school every day.

The principal pointed out to the press that Ingrid Alexandra will be treated in the same way as the other pupils, but that they will have to work at avoiding too much public attention for her.

Inviting the press to the first day of school, and other special photo occasions have worked, more or less, until now. There haven’t been that many, if any, pictures of Ingrid Alexandra at her kindergarten, her afternoon activities such as: her gymnastics class or singing in the local choir.

It’s a reflection of the times that the pupils were instructed that candy and cell phones were forbidden in class. I don’t remember anyone telling me that when I started school 20 years ago.

Ingrid Alexandra’s first day of school (YouTube video of the arrival)

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