Ingrid Alexandra starting school

HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway will start school on August 19. She’ll attend the nearest public school to Skaugum – Jansløkka school. It is the same school as her older half-brother, Marius, went to, but breaking with royal history. Her father and grandfather attended Smedstad school in Oslo.

Jansløkka school is a primary school for children between ages 6 and 12 – which translates to grades 1-7 in the current Norwegian educational system. The junior high school, Solvang, is the subsequent school, where Ingrid’s brother will be starting this August. That goes from age 13 to 15, or grades 8-10.

There will be press attendance at Ingrid’s first day of school – and pictures can likely be found at VG, Dagbladet, NRK or Aftenposten on the 19th, around 1 PM, Central European Time.

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