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I’m rather fond of cheesy, well-made romantic comedies. But they have to be done right, and have good actors involved in the project to be classed as well-made. (And sometimes, badly made can be just as fun…)

I picked up Bride Wars on sale on I was on the fence, until my sister persuaded me to actually watch it. I liked Anne Hathaway in the first Princess Diaries (I haven’t seen the second one), but I did not care for Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, and the basic concept of the film was something that I was not really interested in. My ideal wedding would probably be a small church abroad, with only closest friends and family in attendance, so I don’t get the huge need for having a wedding that takes so much planning.

Essentially, the movie is about two best friends who’ve had the same plans for their future weddings since they were kids – and when their prospective grooms propose at roughly the same time, and the brides want the same venue for their wedding, things run out of control.

That being said… while this movie has its cringe-worthy moments as the brides try to out-do each other, and even though they’re meant to be the same age, Kate Hudson looks ten years older than Anne Hathaway  (despite only being roughly three years older than her),  it is also surprisingly interesting. I tried to walk away a couple of times when it became too stupid, but I always walked back to see what was going on. I had to see the ending!

I even shed a tear, or two, when things weren’t going according to plan.  But even though things did not go according to plan, in the end, I found that it made me like the film even more.

I would definitely see the movie again. Probably not a movie to watch with your boyfriend, though.

By Anne

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