Mette-Marit’s popularity

A recent poll of the Norwegian population made by order of Dagbladet reveals a change in how the Crown Princess is seen by the general population. A similar poll nine years ago, showed that the Norwegians were skeptical of the future of the royal house after Mette-Marit’s entrance into the family.

Now, 58% of the population thinks she is a good or very good role model for the younger generation. 52% of the polled say they admire her to a certain or larger degree.

Furthermore, the popularity of the monarchy in Norway is on the rise again. 67% of the respondents in the poll say they still think Norway should be a monarchy. This is a marked increase from a poll in April, nine years ago when the answer was that 59%.

The reasons for the increase is difficult to tell, but the poll nine years ago came after a year with much hullaboo in the media around the younger royals and their personal lives. The current poll comes after Haakon and Mette-Marit have settled down, into the mold of the ideal Norwegian family, the King and Queen has stepped up as doting grandparents, and although Märtha Louise and Ari are seen to be rather special by a lot of people, there have also been a down-sizing strategy from the royal house, that may appear to have worked. Well, until the next scandalous interview.


  1. I think if that is even more popular than her husband, because when they came to Mexico, even NRK, the Norwegian television, I wonder just for her, that he thought of it. the photographers are more attentive to her, her dress, its rings, your shoes, how he dresses, his way of Camoin, to stand, of what he says, is more serious Haakon and Princess has changed thanks to her husband, who is in love and hers. these 9 years of marriage has been good to them both, which means that complement together, get along, and he responded like a medieval knight, is enfreto to everyone for the woman he loved most. I think this is good for the monarchy, and in the future probably see them sitting on the throne. i am sorry for my bad English.

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