Ingrid Alexandra turning 6

On the occasion of Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 6th birthday, the Norwegian Court has released a series of pictures of the princess.

Ingrid Alexandra had her first big official duty last summer, when she assisted her mother in an environmental duty in front of the palace. Later, she was the co-star of King Harald in a video aimed for children, as they together opened the children’s webpages on the royal court’s home page.

In November, she assisted in another royal duty at the National Football Championships for Men, when she handed out trophies to the winning team, Aalesund.

Ingrid Alexandra is currently attending nursery school/kindergarten, and will start school officially in August, when she enters first grade. She will presumably forego the royal tradition of going to school in Oslo, given the commute, and rather follow in the footsteps of her half brother, Marius, who went to the local elementary school.

The pictures were taken at Skaugum.
Photo credit: Jo Michael/The Royal Court

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