Crown Prince Haakon on Children’s television

This morning Crown Prince Haakon visited the Christmas Eve morning televised programme for children on the National Television Channel, NRK.

The programme was taped beforehand, as Haakon is spending Christmas in the mountains with his family. One hopes that they also have television coverage there, as one of the traditions for the royal children apparently is to watch the programme.

He revealed that it is difficult in these days when you don’t have a last name, especially when it comes to registering on the internet. But he has found solutions. “I often use Magnus as my replacement last name when I register, and then it works out nicely that my son is also called Magnus in addition to Sverre.”

I suppose using Schleswig-Holstein-Sønderborg-Glücksburg would draw a bit of attention.

Like the other guests of the show Crown Prince Haakon was also asked to make a gingerbread portrait of himself.

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