Christmas Photoshoot with the Norwegian Royals

The annual Christmas photo shoot from the Norwegian royals tend to include an activity of some kind. This year’s activity was decorating a massive gingerbread house in the ball room of the royal palace. The gingerbread house was, as Princess Ingrid Alexandra rightly pointed out in the video, made by gluing gingerbread onto a cardboard construction.

Following with the wishes of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn to have their daughters more sheltered from the media, they were absent from the photo shoot.

Pictures 1) and 2)

It is interesting to note that whilst Marius’ dialect has decided marks of growing up around Oslo, he still carries the Rs of Southern Norway where Crown Princess Mette-Marit grew up.


  1. The video was lovely to watch and the idea behind the gingerbreadhouse too (even more so after all that happened in the city of Bergen recently !!).
    As for the way Marius Borg speaks, well, it seems he has adjusted much better to his new Asker/Oslo surroundings than his mother whose dialect (Sørlandet/Kr’sand) is still very recognisable.

  2. I love the idea too, what a fantastic treat for the kids, imagine to play stories they can make up with that gingerbread house. Must be so much fun, although it’s at the palace, I wonder how long they could enjoy it before going off elsewhere for the Christmas break.

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