Märtha Louise’s patronages

Princess Märtha Louise decided to give up her HRH style, and her funding from the state, and focus on her career in entertainment in 2002. A few years after that, during a reorganization of the different patronages of the Norwegian royal family, the court also found that with a career of her own in entertainment, there would be a conflict of interest for her to continue her patronages with cultural organizations.

Instead they devised a health angle to her patronages, focusing on the organizations for the blind, the deaf, people with rheumatism, people with epilepsy, people with muscle diseases as well as the Norwegian branch of the Special Olympics.

Today Märtha Louise’s patronages are:

Norges Døveforbund

Foreningen for Muskelsyke

Norsk Epilepsiforbund

Norsk Revmatikerforbund

Norges Blindeforbund

Special Olympics Norge

Märtha Louise will be taking the time out of her publicity rounds for her newest book on Angels (which just was printed in 10,000 additional copies, bringing the total so far to 31,000) to meet with all the organizations she is the patron for at the Palace today.

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