The holiday home debate, round 2

It looked like the last piece in the saga around Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s summer house was over and done with, when they purchased the tiny island outside of Risør. Sure, the purchase might not make much sense to non-Norwegians, tiny cottage located on a rock in the middle of an ocean as it is, but it was settled.

(For some Norwegians, tiny summer houses is just a matter of fact, and bathing from a rock surface is better than a sandy one – less sand in uncomfortable places)

Now, the mayor of Kristiansand is in the news again, with yet another prospect.

Vogts villa at Dvergsøya just as you sail into Kristiansand became available just last year, as the rental contract of the previous tenant expired. This apparently gave the municipality food for thought as to what they would use the island for, and as we know from the last round on the topic, Kristiansand Municipality is interested in having the Crown Prince and Crown Princess’ holiday home in their vicinity.

The mayor unofficially contacted the Palace, and mentioned that the property might be available for sale. According to him, the Crown Prince couple answered his query with interest and was in the area, with the royal security detail, to look at the property last Sunday.

If they should decline, the municipality has plans for a summer coffee shop at the island.
View GoogleMap of the area

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