Tie A Ribbon-project

An 11 year old and her friends in Bodø, in the north of Norway, are the inspiration for the new Red Cross project, Tie a ribbon (Knytt et bånd), in Nordland county.

The 11 year old sendt an e-mail to the local retirement home, asking if she could bring her friends around to visit with the senior citizens there. The group of youngsters got an affirmative answer, and have been spending time in conversation and song with the elders.

On Friday, Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited the retirement home, and was impressed with what she saw.

”I think this visit to Vollen retirement home was very nice, so I would definitely recommend to our own children that they should get in touch with institutions like this one, and ask if they can help. I thought the initiative from these girls was really great, and I think we all should be inspired by that.”

In a recent poll 280,000 Norwegians have said that they feel lonely. Mette-Marit is encouraging the Norwegian people to get together to work against isolation and loneliness in the population.

“To be lonely is not the same as being alone. But it hurts to not have anyone to go to when we feel like we need it. Loneliness can affect everyone, in all stages of life.”

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