Princess Marie collaborating with the University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark reports that Princess Marie will be starting a new collaboration with them. The purpose of this is to increase the knowledge of the university’s programmes, research, and other affairs. Another reason for the princess’ involvement with the university is to nationally and internationally increase the awareness of the region of Southern Denmark as a place to study and live.

The Principal of the University says this:

Princess Marie has an international profile, and different experience that can inspire our Danish and foreign students. She knows what it means to study abroad, and she has worked in international corporations. We’re looking forward to seeing what tasks HRH Princess Marie can perform for the university.

The collaboration will officially begin at the yearly university party in Odense this Friday. The princess will attend with her husband.

The University of Southern Denmark has campuses in Odense (on Funen), Esbjerg (on Jutland), Kolding (on Jutland), Sønderborg (on Jutland), Slagelse (Zealand) and Copenhagen (Zealand). This latest bit of news just confirms that Marie’s focus will most likely lie outside of the Copenhagen area, and most likely in Jutland, as the main focus of the university is in Jutland/Funen.

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