Visit to a family care centre

Coverage of her event today was overshadowed by the coverage of results from the Norwegian elections yesterday, but Crown Princess Mette-Marit was beaming in the sunshine as she was visiting a Child Welfare home in Vestfold county earlier today. The visit was instigated by the Crown Princess, after hearing about of the institution and the work they do for families and children.

In short, the institution can take in two families at the time, to help the families before it becomes necessary to break them up by taking the children away from the parents. The families learn communication, as well as how to structure their everyday life so that the children can receive the help they need from their parents in regards to homework and other necessities.

After meeting the resident family and receiving briefings on the institution, Mette-Marit said that what made the most impression on her was:

The treatment they receive that encompasses the whole picture. I believe it is important to receive a treatment that covers all aspects of life.

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