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Last night DR aired a documentary on Danish Prince Nikolai. The ten-year-old prince has been videotaped in the same location since he was a baby, and together with other tapings, this was the core ingredient in the documentary.

The viewers could see Nikolai grow up in front of the camera, and interact with his parents and brother. From later tapings, we could also follow him on his after-school events, inside the house at Svanemøllevej where he lives with his mother, brother and step-father, as well as behind the scenes of a royal photoshoot when he got a half-brother.

It was rather sweet, at the photo-shoot with the newly arrived Prince Henrik, that Nikolai asked his father and step-mother (who is just referred to as Marie, just as his step-father is just referred to as Martin): “When will he [Prince Henrik] know that I’m his brother?”

We saw an inquisitive young boy, who apparently likes the word “why” very much, as well as an active boy, who takes tennis lessons, piano lessons, French lessons, and plays the bass in a band.

It also became apparent that keeping track of parents and step-parents and their respective families can be a full-time occupation for a ten-year-old. When he was asked to list the names of the people in his family, he remembered Crown Prince Frederik, but forgot the Crown Princess and his two royal cousins.

The documentary is available online (as of right now, anyway.) on

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