Maud Angelica starting school

Princess Martha In Central Park

This week the firstborn grandchild of the King and Queen of Norway, Maud Angelica Behn started first grade. Maud Angelica, who turned six in April, is the first female that was born with rights to the Norwegian throne.

For those of our readers who aren’t Norwegian, and who may have different ages for starting school – in Norway all children start school when they turn, or the year they turn six.

Maud Angelica started at the Steiner Waldorf school in Bærum, the municipality in which her family lives. It is roughly 14 kilometres between her home and the school, and unlike many Norwegian children who attend school in their local area and usually walk to and from, Aftenposten points out that Maud Angelica will have to be transported back and forth each day.

At the same time, it was also revealed that due to a continuous threat evaluation towards the Norwegian royal family, Maud Angelica will be receiving police protection from the royal police squad . Princess Märtha Louise is and has long been the royal in Norway who receives the most critical threat, and attention from slightly disturbed persons, and her family is therefore also protected. Aftenposten claims that the security evaluation as it is today, means that Maud Angelica will have daily protection.

The picture shows Maud Angelica as a toddler, with her parents just after they moved to New York, as Märtha Louise and Ari Behn did not wish a press presence at their daughter’s first day of school, and therefore there are not any official photographs taken.


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