The Scandinavian Heirs to go to Greenland

Last year, the three heirs to the Scandinavian thrones, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, travelled to Svalbard on the occasion of the International Polar Year.

They apparently enjoyed the experience so much, that they’ll be repeating it this year, in another location.

From May 27 to June 1, they will follow up last year’s trip, with a trip around Greenland.

They will travel on the ship H.D.M.S. Ejnar Mikkelsen along with scientist researching the environment.

Visits to Qeqaertarsauaq to examine sustainable energy alternatives, to the University of Copenhagen’s research station, as well as the iceberg town of Ilulissat.

Later in June, Crown Prince Frederik will return to join in the 30 anniversary celebrations of Greenlandic Home Rule, with the Queen, Prince Henrik and Crown Princess Mary.

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