Amalienborg, 16. April, 2009

The Queen’s Birthday. And the whole family was out in full force. I did not actually notice Princess Isabella until I came home – she is rather small behind the bars.

The balcony scene is interesting to see, year after year, especially when it includes the children. Prince Nikolai is tall enough to comfortably look over the barrier now, and his brother, Prince Felix has also reached the desired height. Prince Christian, on the other hand, is trying so hard to look over the barrier, whereas his sister, Princess Isabella has decided against trying and is more comfortable looking through the bars.

Amalienborg Palace Square was stuffed with people today, old and young, Danes and tourists – as well as Her Majesty’s guard playing the birthday song. If you ever have the occasion to be in Copenhagen on the 16th of April, I sincerely recommend a trip to the Palace square, at 12 o’clock.

This was probably the last public engagement for Princess Marie until the birth.

For more pictures taken by yours truly: Flickr

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