Märtha Louise and the fountain of light.

In the book she co-wrote with her husband, Ari Behn, after their wedding in 2002, Princess Märtha Louise compared herself to a fountain of light. 


“I imagined that I walked in light, that I waded in it until it reached far up on my leg, that everything around me beamed with such a light. At the end, I was filled up; I had become a fountain of light.” 


Yesterday, she opened another fountain of light, at St. Olav’s Plass in Oslo. It is a 17 meter tall sculpture made of steel triangles, which reflects the light coming from spotlights below. According to the Norwegian press, the fact that the Princess agreed to open the fountain of light, showed that she possesses the ability to poke fun at herself. 


It was her first big official duty since the birth of Emma Tallulah in September. 

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