Biggest loser

The danger of watching The Biggest Loser, in all its different forms, is that you keep expecting to drop the same insane amount of weight in a week– and unless you have the time to exercise several hours a day… it’s plain just not going to happen. Baby steps. But it is great for motivational… Continue reading Biggest loser

Harry Potter

I haven’t seen Harry Potter yet. As a huge HP fan… It’s not very impressive, but I also find that the longer I go without seeing it, the less inclined am I to do so. I enjoyed the book, but it was also very dark and depressive. Do I really want to go into Christmas… Continue reading Harry Potter

Harry & Charles

Charles & Harry is a mini series that NRK sent this Christmas. It details the 6-8 months period in the life of Prince Carl of Denmark and Princess Maud of Wales before they became the King and Queen of Norway. It therefore also includes a gallery of the royal family in Copenhagen and King Edward… Continue reading Harry & Charles