Pronunciation: Danish royals

Since I know that non-Danish often have issues when they try to figure out how some of the Danish royal names are pronounced – I pestered a Danish friend of mine, Stine, into helping me make an audio-file so you all could enjoy it. 


Well, only that it’s not one audio file. We ended up making two. One for just the brief names, they are known as in every day conversations. And one for their full names. 


With many thanks to Stine. 

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Pronunciation: Norwegian Royal Names

As I’ve noticed that non-Norwegians may sometimes have problems with how the Norwegian royal names are pronounced – here is an audio file with the Norwegian royal names. 


Norwegian Royal Names, The Royal Twist


Haakon, Maud, Olav, Märtha, Harald, Sonja, Haakon Magnus, Mette-Marit, Marius, Ingrid Alexandra, Sverre Magnus, Märtha Louise, Ari, Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora, Emma Tallulah, Ragnhild Alexandra, Astrid Maud Ingeborg