Crown Princess Mary’s visit to Afghanistan

Following in the footsteps of her husband, who visited Afghanistan and the Danish soldiers there last autumn, Crown Princess Mary was on a secret two-day visit to the country. She landed back in Denmark this morning, after visiting the Danish camps in Afghanistan. She was accompanied by the Danish minister of Defence, Søren Gade, as well as the chair of the Danish parliament, Thor Pedersen.

They arrived in the Danish Camp Armadillo on Sunday, and moved on to Camp Price where they spent the night. The Crown Princess was shown how the Danish soldiers operate and live, and she met with the mayor from the local town, Gereshk. The group relocated to Camp Bastion on Monday, where briefings on the situation in Afghanistan were given, and a tour of the facilities was given.

The trip ended in Kandahar, with a visit to the American field hospital and meeting the Danish personnel serving there.

According to the Danish Ministry of Defence, about 750 Danish soldiers are serving in Afghanistan.

The Danish Home Guard

With Crown Princess Mary in training for the Danish Home Guard: Army, Billed Bladet has pulled out pictures from the time her mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe II, went through the training for the Airforce branch of the Home Guard.


The Home Guard stands strong among the Danish female royals: the Queen’s sister, Princess Benedikte is a member of the Navy branch of the organization. 


The Danish Home Guard is a part of the Danish military. It has around 50,000 volunteers, and 650 full-time employees. It was formed in 1945, by former resistance fighters, who wanted to ensure that Denmark had a wide network of people who knew how to fight, if Denmark was to be invaded again. Today, the organization deals with education of military forces sent out for deployment, and with more civilian matters inside Denmark, such as handling environmental or other emergencies where the government is in need of extra hands.