Video: How to organize your bookshelves

I am rather fascinated by this method of organizing books. I have to admit that when I sorted my books… I went with the true and tried… the alphabet after much deliberation. I do like sorting the books by color, I also want to find the books again.

Video: Manic Monday

Growing up, my Dad had some summer tapes from the late 80s, maybe early 90s, in the car. I grew up listening to those, to the degree when there was a popular music poll in my 6th grade class, Manic Monday was on my favourite-list. This in a time when Gangsta’s Paradise and Boombastic were… Continue reading Video: Manic Monday

Til Ungdommen

This is probably the song that has been used the most in memorials across the country. It is written by Nordahl Grieg in 1936.