Education for the young Danish royals (100 things #12)

Back in February, the news came that Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary had chosen that Princess Isabella would follow in her older brother’s footsteps and attend Tranegårdskolen in Gentofte. As I wrote over at Blog Royale back in May 2011, the decision that Christian should attend that school was not universally applauded. I expect… Continue reading Education for the young Danish royals (100 things #12)

The Dutch succession (100 things #8)

The announcement last night that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is abdicating on April 30 is also changing things further down in the line.  Unlike the most lines of succession, the Dutch line of succession deals with how closely related a person is to the monarch. As a party game, it is even fewer people… Continue reading The Dutch succession (100 things #8)

The Dutch abdication (a 100 things #7)

Tonight, Queen Beatrix announced that she is abdicating and that her son, Willem-Alexander, is taking over the throne. The abdication will be final on April 30, The Queen’s Day, and Willem-Alexander will take over the throne on that day. (I presume this means that the day will be called The King’s Day for the duration… Continue reading The Dutch abdication (a 100 things #7)

Things to see: The Royal Palace (100 things #6)

The Royal Palace in Brussels is open to the public, free of charge, during the summer until September. This was one of the things that weren’t mentioned on the list of things to do in Brussels – but I’m really glad we did. We were actually looking for how to get into the underground parts… Continue reading Things to see: The Royal Palace (100 things #6)

Book review: Dronningen (100 things #5)

There is a new Norwegian book out, about Queen Sonja. Dronningen by Ingar Sletten Kolloen. Already last week, the papers were filled with news from the book (some of which were definitely known before) her two miscarriages, that Mette-Marit served her potential mother-in-law pasta with canned tuna the first time they met, (the book specifies… Continue reading Book review: Dronningen (100 things #5)