The Palace – a review

I ended up watching the four first episodes of the British series, The Palace, a while ago. Obviously, it may not be fair to judge an entire series on so few episodes, but these were some of my thoughts.

The mistresses of Danish Kings – book review

The mistresses are the darker side of the royals – they weren’t perfect, the mistresses are proof that they did not stick to their marriage vows. And as the book by Henning Dehn-Nielsen shows, it also happened in the Danish royal history. Repeatedly.

The Jewels of the Danish royal house

Juvelerne i det danske kongehus – Bjarne Steen Jensen, 2001. According to an interview with Bjarne Steen Jensen in 2006, he has spent years building up his knowledge of the Danish royal jewels, and this most certainly shines through in this quite excellent reference book on the jewels in the Danish royal family.

3 Sisters

I picked up 3 søstre by Jon Bloch Skipper at the bookstore at Magasin on my way home from work.