Travelling alone

There are two distinctions to be made here: Travelling alone to meet someone else at a set destination, or Travelling by yourself to spend time in your own company.

Munch museum

The next step in my Oslo exploration was a trip to the Munch museum. I walked down to it in the snow. Considering that I came in from the chill, the museum felt overly warm. Probably better to visit when the temperatures are better outside. The collection at the Munch museum is actually more extensive… Continue reading Munch museum

Happy New Year

Picture from last year – for wishing you all a very happy new year! May 2014 be filled with good things for all of you!


Knitting my way through the pattern on the sweater. Hopefully soon done!

Favourite things in nature

I’m generally not an autumn person. I don’t like it when it gets colder outside, which (in Norway) happens just about when the calendar hits September 1. This year we’ve been fortunate, and have had a very mild season. But what I do love about autumn – the changing colours. This was taken in the… Continue reading Favourite things in nature