Odd decorations

I don’t like to read too much into things – but my imagination can take me places… Personally, I think this decoration as seen on The Kitchn is looking really freaking odd. Is no one else seeing that the rope-lamp hanging from the beam looks a lot like a gallows where someone forgot to tie the… Continue reading Odd decorations

Google Reader, again.

So, I’m still partially using GoogleReader and hanging on as long as possible. Wired had a post up on Google’s reasoning behind it, and what they want us to use instead… The answer is Google Now and Google+… but from what I read about those two – and know from experience with Google+, I am… Continue reading Google Reader, again.

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As a foreigner, without a good dataplan abroad, I’m very thankful for the multitude of free wi-fi spots everywhere in London. Well, save for McDonald’s. Couldn’t get that working. But everytime I walk past a Waterstone or a Starbucks… I’m up and running. Although yesterday, I had two hours in a Starbucks with just writing.… Continue reading Wi-fi

Nano, yet again

I think I have my Nanowrimo strategy now. I have sorted out some characters and a basic plot. But my “winning” strategy back when I actually managed 50,000 words in November was to start with a scene and not plot anything in advance. It made the story go everywhere, but at least I got the… Continue reading Nano, yet again