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Happy song

Sometimes you have happy memories tied to songs. This is one of those songs. For me (and I suspect many others) it is associated with Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother.

Video: Cookie Monster

In the same vein as last week’s video: Cookie Monster spoofing Call me, maybe. I suppose this is the time when I say that all my computers/Apple gadgets are named for Sesame Street/Sesam Stasjon (the Norwegian version). In fact, I’m writing this on Cookie Monster

Video: US Swim team

It’s the Olympics, and this past week, I’ve been gazing at sports I never follow the rest of the time. (In addition to handball, because, you know… Norway does pretty well at that regularly.) Among sports such as fencing, cycling (I’ve never understood the fascination of Tour de France, except, …

Sunday video: Summer of 69

I see that this video was recorded in 1984… so, I can’t claim summer memories from it – I was a year old back then. But the feeling of just lazing about in a hammock… that’s summer. What’s summer for you?