*cough* Still alive.

I’ve got myself a Christmas cold. I would feel sorry for myself, but after nearly two years of feeling poorly without any results as to why (until it is suddenly depression/anxiety/panic attacks /burned out.) a cold is really manageable. I mean, drink plenty of fluids. Blow my nose. Try to avoid coughing/sneezing at people and spreading the joy just before Christmas.

I see that my last post here was that I finished last year’s Nanowrimo. Well, I finished this year’s as well. Only, I spent it as a therapeutic experience – each day I wrote on various topics related to myself and my mental health. I *think* there was a marked improvement there. I still haven’t gone back to reread last year’s finished product, so I don’t know what will happen to this year’s.

I had a tea advent calendar this year. Delicious. So much fun. There was only one tea so far that I haven’t liked. A Japanese one with popped rice. I had to add a lot of sugar to make it drinkable and it still tasted like someone had watered out the cereal puffed rice with fishy water.

I got myself a new job. I am heading back to public library life. By the end of next year I will not be living the corporate life any longer. I have done it for so long now that it will be a decidedly odd feeling to have the activity level of public libraries back in my life. Or not have as many meetings. I am going to miss it and miss the colleagues, but when the advert for this job popped up, I debated back and forth, ended up applying and then I got it. (Which is also how I ended up in my current job.) And when I got the offer, I actually felt like it was “a good thing” considering that my company is heading for massive layoffs. Getting out while it is still voluntarily seems like a good option.

I am most likely not making my Goodreads goal this year. I got back into reading fic in August, which threw the whole count off. 669 was a high amount of books to read anyway. I’m missing 65 books so far. And though I am a fast reader, it seems a tad unlikely.

So, apart from the pesky burnout/depression/anxiety/panic attacks which *is* getting better, although not going away as quickly as I’d like, I’m doing well.

Changing my life?

I’m doing a small life change. From January to June next year, I’ll be living in Oslo.

I’m excited. I’m terrified. And I know that if I don’t like it, it will only be six months.

And, while I don’t look forward to living in Oslo in January and February – I am very much looking forward to experiencing spring there.

I have already started bookmarking museums that I want to visit, and cafés to go to.

My next goal is to find a place to live.

Eating at work

When I got back to work after a two-week vacation, they had started renovating the cafeteria closest to my desk.

For the past two days we’ve been trying out the other cafeterias in the building – they serve the same food, which is made in the same kitchen – but somehow it is not the same. The food is in the wrong places, I can’t find anything… and so on.

And since it is the largest dining area that has been closed off, finding a space to eat can be a challenge.

I guess I am very much a creature of habit on some things.