Waffle Day!

DSC_0003March 25 is the Waffle Day! So naturally, I had to make waffles.

This recipe has been named the best waffles in the world several times over. (The Norwegian Church Abroad has a tradition of serving waffles to visiting guests, and the different churches in various countries abroad have been competing for the best waffle recipe… )

This recipe is from the Norwegian Church in Copenhagen, and I whipped it together in less than 5 minutes when I was feeling down and in need of some good memories back from when I studied in Copenhagen. (I melt the butter in the microwave, so mixing the batter together took next to no time.)

Unlike Belgian waffles, these are soft.

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Mickey Mouse-shaped Oat Waffles

Norwegian-style waffles are softer than the Belgian ones. There are about as many different recipes as there are households, I’d think. They’re usually heart-shaped, but I couldn’t resist using my sister’s Mickey Mouse waffle-iron.

These ones came about when I was cleaning up my diet by doing  low-GI for a while after Christmas, but still wanted a treat to serve guests. I’ve used the basic recipe from Norwegian site Det Søte Liv, but tried to adapt a bit to the fact that I was avoiding regular white sugar. Continue reading “Mickey Mouse-shaped Oat Waffles”