Cauliflower soup

Growing up, my mother had her share of stand-by recipes. We were (and to this day some of us still are) a family of picky eaters. Tomato soup, spaghetti and minced meat, home-made pizza, tacos, and cauliflower soup were all things that we’d all eat. Whenever I eat either of those things, I am transported back to my childhood.  This is not my mother’s recipe, but it is still pretty tasty.

Next time I would probably cut down a bit on the butter. I actually also switched the cup of half-half with whole milk.

Also, while it technically does freeze and reheat okay – since it is chock filled with dairy, it doesn’t look that nice. Make this to eat it once it is done – not as a freezer meal.   Continue reading “Cauliflower soup”

Broccoli & cheddar soup

broccoli soupSo, again, the snow is falling outside. Snow. Snow. Snow.

It means that it is a pretty good time for making this creamy, cheesy, warm  soup.

Plus, there is broccoli in it – so despite the cheese, not totally unhealthy.

I rummaged through some old bookmarks, and found this version from the Pioneer Woman.

Her recipe serves ten. I halved it, as I don’t have as many hungry mouths to feed. It tastes amazing, but I didn’t want to eat just this for dinner for the next ten days.

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Broccoli and blue cheese soup

This is yet another recipe that sounded so odd I simply had to try it.

The original over at BBC GoodFood stated to use Stilton, but with the Norwegian import barriers, it’s next to impossible to find foreign cheeses beyond the classics in Norwegian stores. (At least a reasonable price.) I went with the Norwegian adaption of the Gorgonzola.

I tasted the soup before adding the cheese, and if smelly cheese isn’t your thing – it is still delicious without it. I added half of the stated amount.

Broccoli soup – a tasty way to get more greens.

Carrot and coriander soup

One of the soups I first made this summer, and then remade again when there was a sale on carrots this fall, is this Carrot and coriander soup from BBC GoodFood.

Last time, I even made a double batch, so I could have a couple of extra batches for freezing. I swear, I think I’m becoming obsessed with freezing food, especially when I have the ease of coming home from work or the gym and then just heating up a portion of soup.

Add in some whole-wheat pita breads, and it’s a feast.

Basically, it is simple, tasty and filling.

Tomato soup

Here’s the thing. I’ve grown up on tomato soup. The tomato soup straight from a bag – add water and macaroni. And a hardboiled egg and some milk afterwards… (And it’s been delicious.)

Making soup for one… I may just as well make it from scratch, and freeze individual portions to reheat later as add water to a bag. It does take a bit more work from my side, but it is less calories, more vegetables and I can see what I put into my body.

Even though, this tomato soup is a bit of work, it is almost completely worth it – at least to make it once.

When I make it again, I might cheat and use at least one tin of canned tomatoes instead of the fresh, to ease the prep and cooking time.

The recipe can be found here at BBC Food. There is something odd about the start of the second step (and it is a very wordy recipe) but the end result is delicious. And it freezes beautifully.

Only don’t break the bay leaves up too much, as I did… it’s hell to fish them back out again.

Chili con carne soup

In the category “soups I would definitely make again,” this Chili con carne soup from BBC GoodFood appears. I peeked at the comments, and I ended up substituting their spice mix for a similar to the one mentioned by larsen.kris at their site.

I added the spices to the mix just before I added the meat.

2 or 3 tbsp chili powder, 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 1 tsp ground coriander 1 tsp sweet red paprika, ground, 1/2 tsp dried oregano 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

The sauce and everything here was so good, but I question if the meat was really necessary. I bet it would also be truly fantastic in a vegetarian version.

Carrot and cheddar soup

When I realized that the Olympics were coming, and I had freezer space, I decided to make some meals ahead of time. One of my favorites both to make and eat is this soup from BBCGoodFood.  Carrot and cheddar sounds like an odd combination, but it works perfectly.

I made it exactly according to the recipe, however, I also added a small pinch of cayenne pepper. This gave it a zing that will make it a perfect option for autumn – or generally the crappy summer weather we’ve been having this summer.

It’s probably the easiest soup ever, and thaws/reheats beautifully.

As I get home from the gym, after work, I pull out a bag of soup, let it thaw slightly in the freezer bag on the kitchen counter as I shower. Then I put the still slightly frozen soup into a microwave safe bowl, before I nuke it in the microwave.

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