Soft pretzel buns

Sometimes you just need something small to snack on. Or maybe dip in something. Or put jam on – so that the mix of sweet/salty comes through. These pretzel bites (though mine ended up more like small buns) had an incredibly spongy quality that reminded me of bagels. (Not so strange, considering that they went into a pot of water, like bagels do.)

If I would have made it differently, I wouldn’t have skimped on the salt. (I was afraid of overdoing it.) The ones where we could really taste the salt were the best ones.

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Love hearts

The Love Hearts candy was quite big when I was in school. There was a definite interest in finding one that said the right thing. (And possibly send the perfect one to a crush…) ¬†And there’s definitely a nostalgic element to them.

Now, I’m less interested in what they say… and only try to find the proper pink “strawberry” ones that are my favorites.